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Keep romance levels on the max in a long term relationship easily

  • Mar 21, 2019

Many people worldwide think about how it is not possible to keep passion and romance alive in long term relationships or marriages. But, that is so wrong. If you have realized that your passion is not on the same level as it was at the beginning of your relationship, continue reading because I want to show you how to ''keep the flame burning''. These are the best advice to keep romance levels on the max with your partner:

  1. Little things for big results. You know how it is said:''The devil is in the details''. Yet, I won't talk about the devil here, but it can be implemented very well in this situation. Let me tell you one thing-you are the one who knows your partner the best. What do they like? What is their favorite sweet? What they don't like? Surprise your beloved partner! You can buy them their favorite chocolate or make them dinner after work. Do what they like. They will appreciate your effort.
  1. Try something new. People tend to get bored because every day looks the same. This can be even worse if you two live together. You know how that goes, you go to work, come home, watch TV and go to sleep. That kills the romance. You must admit it does. So, try something new. Take up a new hobby for example. Go to some music concert that wasn't your choice ever before. Try something completely new and bring back the fun in your relationship!
  1. Compliment your partner. Everyone knows this tip, yet, many of us often forget about it. Don't think how your partner already knows how she or he is beautiful to you. Yes, they probably know, but they want to hear it from you. Compliment anything you like about them. And remember my first fact-''The devil is always in the details!''
  1. Eat together. Many couples don't eat together because their jobs are different, they are not hungry at the same time or you name it. Okay, I understand, everyone's situation is different. Yet, be sure that you two eat together at least a few times per week. Food brings people closer.
  1. Talk about your past. Remember all those silly and wonderful things you have done together while you were just at the start of your relationship. It will make you laugh, and of course, make you two closer.
  1. Take care of your looks. Many people stop taking care about their looks once they get into a serious relationship. Why? They think about how they don't need to try their best anymore. But that is so wrong. If you didn't know, couples get divorced because of weight gain, for example. It is okay to get a few pounds, but if you have completely changed your looks for worse, it is the time to do something about it.

As you see, all these advice are actually connected with bringing you two closer again. It is not just about sex and passion. It is about you two remind yourself how much you really love each other. Everything else is a plus and will come spontaniously!


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