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Becoming better version of yourself

  • Mar 21, 2019

How many people do you know that don't like their jobs at all? You can see them unhappy all the time... They usually complain a lot, come home exhausted from work and don't have enough time to change that. If you are worried that you may end up that way, let me reassure your beliefs. You are in the perfect place to find out how to choose a career of your dreams and not regret any single day you will spend at work. Here is what experts say:

  1. Think about your talents. We all have at least one talent. Think about what you are good at. That is your main point in career life. Maybe you like computers and know a lot about them. In that case, you are probably great with logic. Or maybe you know many languages. Think about your talents. The second fact will help you to get even a clearer picture of what am I talking about here.
  1. Your knowledge. I want to tell you how knowledge is not the same as a talent. I have already said how maybe someone knows a lot of languages. That is great, but if you have learned those languages just because you had to, and if you struggle while speaking a foreign language, that is not your talent-it is knowledge. Nevertheless, in both situations, you have a great chance to get the job of your dreams. Think about the knowledge you have and connect it with talents to realize which job may suit you perfectly.
  1. Can you really earn enough from that job? It is great to think about your talents and knowledge and to be guided by them while choosing your dream job. Yet, if you think how playing the guitar will be the job of your dreams, I have bad news. Don't get me wrong, playing an instrument is an amazing hobby and you may become famous, yet, it is not a job, or at least, something you can live from. Check out the 4th fact to get the complete picture of such a situation.
  1. A hobby. If you cannot earn enough money for living from your knowledge and talents, you can still earn something, right? So, don't worry guitar players, you can make your hobby a side job. Teach someone to play an instrument. Of course, this may be anything you are good at but cannot be your full-time job.
  1. Expectations. We are all adults and we know how life is not easy. You must work to live a good and wealthy life, right? But, we are not all the same. Different people have different expectations from life, and that is completely fine. Know what you want to achieve. How do you see yourself? Would you rather work in a group or alone? Are you a leader? Think about your personality as well.

Overall, choosing your perfect career is not that hard. If you don't want to regret, don't choose something you don't like and you are not good at just because the salary is high. And with the advice above, I am sure how you will find yourself somewhere.


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