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Are you ready for a baby? 5+ facts that prove you are not!

  • Mar 21, 2019

Many couples think about having a baby once they really fall in love. You know how that goes, all those romantic nights cannot be complete without coming up with all those cute baby names for your future children. Yet, are you really ready to have a baby and raise a child? Let's find out together!

  1. All those parties! If you cannot imagine yourself without missing all those fun and amazing parties you enjoy every week, then you are maybe not that ready as you have thought for a parent role. Next fact will give you a clearer picture.
  1. You like to relax ''a little bit too much''. I have already talked about the parties above. Yes, there is nothing wrong with hanging out with your beloved friends. But if you catch yourself twice a week being completely drunk, that means how you are not that responsible as you have thought. Yes, I know, you may tell me to know how everyone drinks nowadays, but that is not an excuse if you want to become a parent.
  1. You still haven't... This is definitely one of the most important things you should think about besides your habits. What you still haven't completed? Do you have those life dreams you want to make true? So, if you still haven't finished college, or if you haven't visited Paris (for an example), then do it before you become a parent. Yes, it is possible to study with a baby and it is possible to travel with a child, but believe me, it is easier this way, and no, you won't have that enough time, energy and money for yourself once a baby arrives.
  1. You don't take care of your health. As you see, your habits are most important when it comes to a perfect time for a baby. You cannot be a good parent if you don't even care about yourself. Be sure to get all medical checkups you need before baby. This is especially important for women because they go through pregnancy, but men should also do the same.
  1. You don't have enough money for yourself. If you don't have enough money for yourself, that means how you don't have for a baby either. As simple as that. I know how this may sound a little bit harsh but just think about all the situations which may happen accidentally and where you should react quickly. Be sure that you get some serious job.
  1. You like the freedom ''a little bit too much''. We all like freedom, don't we? Yet, if you cannot imagine yourself to stop watching your favorite TV serials half of the day, that means how you are not that ready for a baby.

Overall, this may all sound a little bit too harsh, but having a baby is a huge responsibility. Don't worry if you have recognized yourself in some of these facts. There is still plenty of time for you to become a parent. And of course, enjoy your young ages!


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